Progetto Lusso is trading as an industrial cluster where engineering, architecture, art, design and craftsmanship coexist.


With its eclectic and yet holistic approach to RE developments, the experts from Progetto Lusso Industrial Cluster (PLIC, for short) are devoted to creating bespoke solutions able to meet the desires of refined clients, interpreting their own needs and delivering unparalleled service, high efficiency, top quality products and boundless inventiveness.


Progetto Lusso’ uniqueness was born as a cross-cultural mix reflecting the true essence of the Milan lifestyle, the intellectual elegance of Rome while taking advantage of the positive diversity from Bucharest.


Made In Italy

Italy became a democratic republic less than 100 years ago. Yet, it is the world’s fifth-largest power in terms of trade surplus, thanks to that special asset which is both intangible and very real: Made in Italy.

Say the word design and thoughts often turn to Italy, to its traditions of quality manufacturing, of craftsmanship incorporated into industrial processes and of the explosion of creativity that has been seen among the big designers who have transformed the way we experience and perceive furnishings in both the public and private sectors.

It was in the fields of furnishings and design that the term Made in Italy was coined in the first place, and its value is still very much felt throughout the world.

Marble Surface

Generally speaking, forms and materials always need to surprise in order for them to be in line with contemporary sensibilities and every innovation has to be a hit with the public. When you say something is Made in Italy you are always giving a guarantee of quality, excellence and refinement.


But competition is more global these days. To cater properly to customers on certain foreign markets it's enough to make certain tweaks to the product. Quality and excellence must indeed come from the product, but they must involve the entire sales process and relations with customers, their needs carefully listened to so that a complete, rapid and accurate service can be provided. And when it is not possible to adapt the product to the demands of different markets for technical reasons, then the tailor-made response needs to be not about the product, but about the service given to the customer.

KPMG recently calculated that if Made in Italy were a brand, it would be the third most popular trademark after Coca Cola and Visa. According to research published by in 2019, Made in Italy emerges in over 4 million social conversations, 3 million just on Instagram and generates over 97 million interactions in just one year.

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